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We give words meaning. 

Katharine and Alejandro have been working in a Spanish-English translation team under the name TeamTranslations for 30 years. There is strength in having a native speaker of each language work on your project.


We both translate, edit and carefully review every document. The result is a high-quality, idiomatic translation that has been carefully vetted to your target audience. 

We have experience in a broad range of subject areas, including environmental, public health, social service and education (including special education), general legal, public government and social services. Most of our work is done directly with the client, you.


We approach every translation as a unique opportunity to help you connect with your multilingual audience. 

Meet TeamTranslations

Need a document translated? Contact us for more information and our rates. 

Thank you for your message. We'll be in touch soon.

A Sampling of Our Clients

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