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Words Across Borders

The power of being understood. This essential need drives human communication, yet understanding takes so much more than simply finding the right words. 

Everything at Words Across Borders starts from this basic premise - you have something you need to communicate and you want to be truly understood, with all the nuances and depth of meaning preserved. 

Whether you need Spanish-English interpreting and translation, training and curriculum development, language resources for international development, or event planning and public speaking, Words Across Borders understands that your success depends on achieving authentic understanding through communication. 

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LOW RESOURCE Interpreting & Translation

Low resource settings around the world are the focus of international community development, global health and disaster relief projects. Professional interpreting and translation are essential to their success. I work with organizations to help embed effective, cost-effective language services in austere environments. 




My translation partner Alejandro Astudillo and I work together to provide carefully crafted translations between English and Spanish. Your documents are translated and reviewed by two veteran professionals. From healthcare, government, agriculture, forestry, environmental protection, to social services, general legal and more, we can help you with your communication needs. 

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I have spent two decades creating and delivering interpreter short-course, workshop and individual trainings. I specialize in adapting the in-depth content taught in academic programs to short course and workshop settings.  Whether long or short, and onsite or online, I'll help you get the training experience you want. 



I bring the same passion to my public speaking engagements as I do to my teaching and event planning. I am a long-term observer of the major trends impacting the interpreting profession, including technology, the professionalization of interpreting specializations and the ongoing struggle to help the broader public understand and value what we do. . 

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Trained in conference interpreting at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies, I have spent 30+ years interpreting in community, legal, conference and international development settings. I provide onsite and remote consecutive and simultaneous interpreting. 

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Explore a variety of resources I've helped create or been involved with other the years, including podcasts, webinars, articles, and publications.   

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